What is a student exchange program and how does it work?

What is a student exchange program and how does it work?

April 12, 2019

Globalization is one such concept which has transformed this far-flung world into a global village and brought millions of opportunities to the table. With every fresh invention, the world shrinks a little more. It has become quite effortless to move to other parts of the world as a result studying abroad has become a fashion. According to the statistics put forth by the UN’s International Migration Report, the people belonging to the age group 20-30 hold a substantial share among the total number of migrants. Apparently, this age group embraces the maximum number of students. These statistics indicate a strong desire for all those yearnings to study abroad. With a view of catering this need, numerous colleges have started offering student exchange problems.

So, what are these student exchange programs? Before proceeding to its intrinsic qualities and advantages, one must comprehend the primary paradigm of the program. To put simply, a student exchange program which proffers a chance of studying abroad. Under this program, liaisons of indigenous and foreign university/college/institutes are established so as to lay down a specific set of rules for the program. Under this, the students can study in foreign universities or colleges for a specific time period with the help of their home institute.

How does this work?

The denotative meaning of the word “Exchange” is to give something in order to get something else. But under this program, the students are not interchanged or swapped which means one does not need to find a substitute from a foreign university in order to take his/her place in the home institute. Here exchange means that the foreign students can come and study in your home institute and you can do the same in their college/university. You are not obligated to convince one of the foreign students to fill your space. Both processes are independent and work differently.

Now understand one thing that these programs are time bound. However, there are different programs depending on different durations. On the basis of these durations, the student exchange programs can be divided into two categories, one is Long-term and another is Short-term. While in the short-term program students can stay in the host country for two to four months, the long-term extends the stay up to one session or even more. Different institutes provide different offers. Keeping that in mind, you need to search for an institute which provides superior services. CGC Landran is one of the top colleges which provides first-rate student exchange program. Prior to choosing the best among the rest, make sure to ponder over the number of collaborations the institute has. Definitely, you should choose the one with more tie-ups because you know what they say-“the bigger, the better”. So, what happens in these collaborations is that your institute and the foreign institute sign a contract for a respective duration. For that particular duration, you will be living and studying there, in the foreign university/college. After completion of the study period, when you’ll return, the same courses you enrolled there will be accredited to your home institute.You might be wondering where will you live? Again, this program will help you. You can either apply for accommodation in your foreign institute/college/university. If money is not a constraint, you can even rent your own apartment.

Advantages of Student exchange programs

Candidates who study in foreign institutes of high eminence are at an advantage. As the most emerging industries have intense competition, having something extra adds to the person’s credentials. For students who want to join industries of these sorts, student exchange programs are like jackpots! In addition to that, some of the student exchange programs also provide student visas with which the candidates can study as well as work in a foreign land.

The thirst of knowledge budding inside all of us has always been molding our actions. While the inquisitive leaves no stone unturned, the incurious fights shy of exploring. This program is a key which can unlock many career avenues. By exposing the students to new cultures and social settings, the students get to enhance their social perspective. There is a renowned term, Culture Shock. This happens when all of a sudden a person belonging to a particular ethnicity/nation gets acquainted with a very contrasting environment. As each and every academic domain is in some way or another interwoven with global, one is very likely to get culture shock. Here, under this program, the students get an insight into how other country works and what features are embedded in their culture. In addition to that, the exchange of ideologies and thoughts helps in empathizing with others. All in all, it is a program worth all the time and energy.