What does  future hold for the Engineering Industry Jobs in India?

What does future hold for the Engineering Industry Jobs in India?

June 15, 2019

Do you have doubts about the future of engineering? Well, don’t get stressed. We have those salubrious words which you wish to hear: the future is absolutely bright. Engineering is more than just a degree; it is one gateway to a better, successful and brighter tomorrow. With a large number of engineering colleges in India, there are thousands of engineering graduates produced every year; almost about 1.5 million. Having this large number gives rise to one particular dilemma and it is “what does the future hold for Indian Engineering Industry”? Whatever it is, it is not in perils instead, it has a brighter scope. Don’t believe? Let the results do the talking and meanwhile, fasten your seatbelts and go on a statistical ride with us.

There have been a lot of citing and projections pertinent to the state of engineering in India in the recent past. While a substantial percentage of the uncalculated estimates say that the quality of engineering in India is declining sharply, the data tells a different story. The statistics from IBEF show that India has been an active exporter of Engineering goods to the US and Europe. In the year 2018, the engineering exports of about US$ 76.20 Billion surpassed the previous mark of US$ 65.23 million in 2017. Similarly, the export of electrical machinery and equipment has grown up with a CAGR of 7 % in the period 2010 to 2018 and has managed to reach US$ 6.7 Billion by 2018. From April 2018 to January 2019, the figure has stood at US$ 6.93 Billion.

Adding more the report, further shared that the engineering R&D market of India is likely to increase from US$ 28 billion in 2018 to US$ 42 billion by 2022. In parallel, the electrical industry in India is going to rise in the same manner. What does that mean? This clearly means that more jobs will be created in the industry and pursuing an engineering degree would be a win-win situation. You might be thinking that how can this even be true? Well, it is. The thing is that we quite often get so tantalized by the big digits that we actually forget what factors are backing the whole process.

On the same lines, India Skills Report 2019 stated that engineering at 47%, has become a domain with the highest employability at present. In fact, the report says that the engineering industry has hired maximum candidates in this decade. Furthermore, the Government of India has established the Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC) which is in charge of the promotion of goods, machinery, and light engineering products. This way Ladies and Gentlemen, the myth about engineering becoming a dull field has been debunked.

Top four engineering programs with sparkling future

With the help of Government initiatives and policies, Engineering has gained the same momentum pan India. The concoction of efforts has helped engineering has become one of the most rewarding disciplines along with other disciplines of Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Management, and Hospitality. As of now, there are innumerable programs which fall under the banner of engineering but one should note that there are four main streams of engineering which lead the market. It is through these four streams that inventions are developed. These top four engineering streams include:

  • Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Information Technology

Electronics & Communication Engineering: It won’t be wrong to say that this is one of the most demanding fields under Engineering. Dealing with the use and application of electricity to shape new computer devices or to provide a network to the devices, ECE has risen to new popularity in modern times. For a giant leap, India has set a mission to augment its infrastructure and the use of electricity. Owing to this mission, ECE is going to aggrandize furthermore in the years to come. And that is the reason behind it getting featured in the top four engineering courses.

Computer Science Engineering: The program title describes the discipline itself. Computer Science Engineering encompasses the principles of computer networking and all the postulates related to the field. Computer Science Engineering is one of the most sought-after disciplines of the present time. Innovation was, is and always will be the first choice when it comes to technical stuff. Consequently, CSE graduates will remain in demand, come what may.

Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical Engineering is called the mother of all engineering programs. Why? Because it is one such program which puts the overall knowledge of the engineers to test. Mechanical Engineering deals with building machines. The current wave of automation is in search of more ideas which can contribute to it and in this way, Mechanical Engineers are in demand. This is one such rare field which is opted by selected few but there is a need for more manpower and so it becomes an option in the present time.

Information Technology: Information Technology doesn’t even need an in-depth introduction. It has managed to stay off as the ‘most popular’ spot from a very long time. At present also, candidates aspiring to join the IT sector because of its growth and market size. Very obviously, this stream holds a brighter future as well.


The reports which have helped substantiate the foretold facts have been compiled painstakingly by the researchers and there remains no suspicion of them being wrong. The future, folks, is bright and clear. For those concerned with the alarming rise in the number of engineers, need to realize one thing that a large number out of these migrate abroad. Migration has become much sought after which creates more job scope for those in India. The full potential of India has yet to be seen. India as a country can hit the bull’s eye only if it has the latest technology. To remain ahead in the tech-race, it needs more young minds, more innovative ideas. In short, it needs more engineers. Break loose of any doubt string which is holding you back from choosing Engineering. You also know that it’s worth a shot and so shall you act. Cheerio!