Travel and Tourism Industry: How can it unlock a world full of opportunities?

Travel and Tourism Industry: How can it unlock a world full of opportunities?

September 11, 2019

Good things and deeds need to be repeated.s And perhaps that is the reason behind us talking about the Hospitality industry incessantly. Believe us; with the volume of scope submerged in this industry, we cannot shy away from doing so. As stated previously in the blog titled “Top four hospitality degrees and how to choose the best one,” there are four different sections which have merged into the Hospitality industry. However, today is the time to throw light, specifically, on its subcategory—Travel and tourism industry.

India credits the Tourism industry for facilitating a large chunk of GDP. The future projections are even more stunning. According to IBEF, the total contribution of this industry in India’s GDP would reach the mark of 32.05 trillion rupees (US$ 492.21 billion) by the year 2028. When the future is this bright, why won’t anyone choose this route to reach such a glorious destination? To be on the track, you must first get yourself enrolled in the degree apropos to this sphere.

Once you have made up your mind and set your heart on joining this domain, you need to search for an institute that proffers a Bachelor in Travel & Tourism Management or B.Sc. Hospitality & Hotel Management. Once you have gotten into the discipline, you will start getting traces of what this field has to offer you. In case you are eager to know it beforehand; we’ve got it covered for you. Presenting you, the lucrative job opportunities which are appended to this stream:

1. Holiday/Travel Agent: “Wanderlust” has become more than just a word; it is now a worldwide phenomenon. While earlier people believed it to be a mere wastage of money, the present times honor it as a therapy, a recreational activity, and a stress buster. Travelling has become a medicine for the mind and the soul. Since everybody is not a travel guru and cannot plan their trips, there arises a need for someone to do so. Travel agents are the ones who are looked upon when people are making a travel plan.

2. Travel Officer or Travel Agency coordinator: A perfect blend of marketing, Public relations, and management give birth to the job profile of travel officer. The primary tasks which are done by travel officers include supervising staff, preparing the lists of visitors/tourists, managing budgets, writing reports, market research, etc.

3. Travel Counselor or Travel Consultant: The word “consultant” describes what the job description would be like. Travel counselor has the tasks of being in service for the clients. The clients can seek travel advice from counselors. The accommodation, meals, tours, transport, etc, are also suggested by travel counselors or travel consultants. Counselors are different from travel agents as they just suggest things while the latter does everything for the clients.

4. Entrepreneurship: Having no one to whom you would be answerable, sounds fun—it is indeed fun. Once you have gained an apt amount of experience in the field and have become financially stable, you can incept your own business or start your travel agency. After all, the big travel companies today also started from a small beginning.

5. Hotels & Resorts: It is an associated field which is not primarily related to the tourism industry. However, the candidates can get jobs in the hotel management industry and there they can serve as event managers, reservation agents, tour guides, etc. The best thing about travel and tourism courses is that they sure include hospitality in their syllabi and so, candidates can try their hands on other fields as well.

6. Airlines: The aviation industry has a high flying opportunity for tourism candidates. Once the candidates have concluded the degree, they can get jobs in the airlines. Depending on the experience of the candidates, the students can take up jobs on the ground of in-flight staff, sales, and marketing, HR, etc. Although it sounds way too different for someone associated with the hospitality industry, the truth is that sales & marketing are very important and they are well versed with them during the span of the hospitality course.

7. Freelance Writer or Travel Blogger: Blogging again is one of the sought after career choices these days and travel blogging has definitely gained a lot of momentum. It has a dual benefit as it asserts the candidates to have fun while working. And you will be surprised to know how much travel bloggers make out, surely there is nothing stopping you from getting started with travel and tourism.

8. IRCTC: Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is a government organization that offers jobs especially to those associated with the hospitality and tourism industry. Being government-affiliated it encapsulates all the perks which any government employee gets. The top employment opportunities include hospitality supervisor, zonal tourism officer, chief vigilance officer, and many more.

9. State Tourism: States earn a lot from tourism. That is why they are always in need of talented staff who can fill the eminent positions. Under the header of state tourism, there are different job profiles including tour planners and tour guides (state and regional level), Information officers (selected through SSC), Reservation and counter staff, interpreters, etc. All in all, government sectors have jobs for Travel and Tourism graduates.

10. Teaching/Professor: Depending on which sector you are interested in, you can become a teacher in government or private institutes. Since this discipline is present in almost every college and university, the scope of this degree gets multiplied. Through proper channels and after clearing the relevant exams, the students have the option of opting out for a career as a professor/lecturer in the educational sphere.

In Essence: Hospitality Industry has risen as a powerful and attractive dominion for all those planning to make a strong and lucrative career from it. This industry is going only surging ahead at a fast pace,therefore, it is indeed a positive move from a career point of view. All the things which we have mentioned hitherto condense down to just the gist of what the industry incorporates. Assuredly, by entering one of the Best Hotel Management Colleges in India, you will get to know the full potential of this discipline.