Top four hospitality degrees and how to choose the best one

Top four hospitality degrees and how to choose the best one

July 27, 2019

The hospitality industry is continuously expanding and brimming with great potential. A plethora of job opportunities, a surfeit of experiences this is the hospitality industry for you. Every one in five job openings in the world is in the Hospitality sector which makes it a forerunner in contemporary times. Many candidates wish to enter this industry by picking up the best hospitality management course among various options.

With so many degrees falling under the hospitality, one question that arises: “Do all of them provide a promising career ahead?” It is very true that each of them definitely has a future scope but they need to be properly analyzed and understood. The best way is to segregate the degree on the basis of one’s interest and the opportunities they provide to get on to the best one.

Before arriving at any conclusion, proper research needs to be carried. One should know that Hospitality is not just a limited but rather a vast discipline. There are four verticals under this: Accommodation, Travel & Tourism, Entertainment, and Food & Beverage. Each one of these has a crucial role and importance in this domain. Anyway, the point is that there are different degrees one can choose in hospitality education. And with these factors, different degrees have been designed. Out of these, we are listing the best ones which promise a healthy future ahead. So, here’s sharing views on the top six hospitality courses:

Bachelor of Hotel Management & Catering Technology:

This is an undergraduate degree which entails the basic as well as advanced postulates of Hotel Management. It is a four-year degree which focuses on imparting knowledge about managing a hotel or any accommodation/restaurant along with sharpening the communication skills and grooming of the students. This degree takes through subjects such as food preparation, housekeeping, accounts, front office, accommodation, tourism, travel, etc. The course gives access to the students to take on the role of a hotel manager, assistant manager, front office manager, Executive Chefs, Stewards, Food and Beverage Manager, Restaurant and Food Service Managers, Banquet Managers, Executive Housekeeper, Floor Supervisors, Finance Head, Marketing Manager, and many more. In short, there are ample career opportunities after hotel management course.

B.Sc. Hospitality & Hotel Administration: It is another undergraduate degree which incorporates different aspects of hospitality. The three-year span of this degree subsumes all the facets of hospitableness. It embraces all the subjects in the hospitality sector. The pursuit of this degree becomes your pass to many avenues such as Kitchen Management, Housekeeping Management, Flight Kitchens, Indian Navy Hospitality services, Guest/Customer Relation Executive in Hotel and other Service Sectors, Executive in international and national fast-food chains, Shipping and Cruise lines, Marketing/Sales Executive in Hotel and other Service Sectors, State Tourism Development Corporations, Multinational companies, Resort Management, and Hospital & Institutional Catering.

B.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics: It is one of the most remunerative degrees under the banner of hospitality. However, this three-year B.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics course falls under different categories as well. Those who study Home science, Microbiology, medicine, also include this particular discipline. In hotel management and catering, this degree becomes of great importance as there is always need of someone who keeps a check on the nutrition of the food being served. Very obviously, their importance is more in restaurants and catering services. After this degree, students can enter the sectors such as Oncology, Pediatrics, Nephrology, Wellness and Prevention, Drug de-addiction, etc. The students are also at liberty of trying their hand in the areas of weight management, eating disorder management, curing development disabilities, food culinary and supermarkets management, and education.

Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management: A four-year degree which imparts every ounce of knowledge about the tourism industry. Under this degree, the candidates are taught about the trends and management of the industry. In fact, the topics of eco-tourism, adventure tourism, aviation management, tourism products, etc are taught vividly. Upon completion of this degree, the students can work as Travel Consultants, Visitor Information Managers, Event Managers, Ground Attendants, Cruise Managers, Tour Guides, Sales and Marketing Consultant/Managers, Operations Managers, and Airlines Attendants/ground staff, etc.

How to choose the best among these degrees?

Besides these four degrees, there are also some options for pursuing diploma courses as well in the Hospitality Industry. So, with so many options one might feel a little baffled. Subsequently, the question arises: “How to choose the perfect hospitality course for yourself?” The answer actually lies within yourself, you need to understand that “perfect” is nothing but a condition which is fulfilled when an individual meets the desired standard.

Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management: So, whenever you face any doubt about picking up the best make sure that you are paying proper heed to your interests. Suppose, you lack interest in cooking, serving and all but you are much driven by the travel & tours and you want to try your luck in that sector, then undoubtedly, you will go for Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management.

Bachelor of hotel management and catering technology: Bachelor of hotel management and catering technology is a course which focuses on hotel management. In this course, the students get to know about all the aspects and functioning of the hotel Industry and catering services. It is one of the earliest and most remunerative courses which take strides to produce students with excellent managerial skills. Again, those who have a zeal for hospitality related work profile and love to establish a career in hotels, restaurants around the world should opt for this degree.

Bachelor of Hotel Administration and Hospitality: In the same manner, those who are much thrilled by the idea of managing a hotel or perhaps owning a hotel can go for Bachelor of Hotel Administration and Hospitality. This degree becomes an excellent choice for those who have nonpareil communication skills are very hard working and have a humble personality. Once someone has set foot in this domain than the sky is the limit to success.

B.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics: The students who have passed intermediate with PCM or PCB can go in for B.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics. This degree allows one to make a career in the hospitality industry or other related industries as well thus proves to be of dual advantage.
Candidates who wish to choose something besides the regular Engineering, Pharmacy or Biotechnology courses can choose this degree.

Conclusion: Picking up the right course is as important as choosing the one out of the best hotel management colleges in India. By tapping your own interests and knowing what the course offers, you will be all set to come out with the right decision and choice. Believe it or not, if you do something you enjoy, you will never get bored. So just get set and see which course suits your interest and then act accordingly. Whichever hospitality course you choose, you’ll have a sparkling future ahead.