Top 10 Biotech Jobs with great future opportunities

Top 10 Biotech Jobs with great future opportunities

January 6, 2021

The story of human evolution won’t be complete without mentioning the contributions of the biotech Industry. It is among the pioneers which have contributed at large to the healthcare sector bringing revolutionary changes. Biotechnology is a far-reaching discipline that extends its role to areas of enhancing food security, efficient industry work, and ways of sustainable development.

Since the industry has the onus of bettering all the aforementioned areas, the scope appended to it is voluminous. Today, the best Biotech colleges in India know that students well-versed with this discipline are much sought after by companies around the world. With the passage of time and advancement, things change and the same happens in the job sphere too. Within the biotech industry, there is a wide variety of career opportunities that brim with a lot of scopes.

Top industries to get jobs in

Whereas a majority of biotech graduates lookout for jobs in the biotech industry only, few wish to apply their expertise across other domains. For them, the options include:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Human and animal nutrition
  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture

Top Biotech companies to work in

Biotechnology being a broad sphere encompasses a long list of companies. With the ongoing trials to come up with an effective vaccine for the coronavirus, we get to hear the names of some top biotech companies in India and abroad. However, there are innumerable organizations that work under the aegis of biotechnology and among them, the following are the top ones when it comes to career:

  • Pfizer
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • AstraZeneca
  • Panacea Biotec Ltd
  • Amgen
  • Abbott Laboratories

Top job options one can choose from

Now that you know the number of industries that can absorb a biotech graduate and the companies which would happily welcome a talented student, the next step becomes figuring out which position to work for? Owing to the diverse nature of this field, the candidates have multitudes of job options. So, we have clubbed and listed down the best career options among them:

Epidemiologists: The term ‘epidemiologists’ can be used interchangeably with the term ‘disease detectives’. So, the title gives an idea of what their job duties would be. They are the ones everyone looks up to during a disease break out.

They have the responsibility of identifying the disease cause, the way it spreads, the people which it can affect, and how it can be controlled. Given the present circumstances, the scope of epidemiologists has expanded.

Medical Scientist: A medical scientist has the onus of investigating human diseases & health problems, putting forth the right preventive methods, and eventually improving human health. To do so, medical scientists have to use clinical trials, conduct research, design studies, and perform experiments to comprehend different health issues.

Biological/Clinical Technician: They usually work in laboratories. They have to make sure that all the instruments and equipment are clean and in proper working order. They also have to prepare biological samples. They have a key role in conducting lab experiments and document the work.

Microbiologist: Thanks to biotech, being an interdisciplinary field, candidates can work as microbiologists too. Today, the demand for microbiologists has boosted, and in the times to come, it is likely to increase. So, this is one of the top job options.

Genetic Counselors: As a genetic counselor, the candidate has to work in clinics, laboratories, or hospitals. The core responsibilities of a genetic counselor are to assess different gene strands or DNAs to evaluate the risk of a person contracting a particular disease.

Biomedical Engineer: There are all sorts of medical equipment, machines, and instruments that are used in healthcare. Who makes them? Yes, biomedical engineers are those who design and develop them. Biomedical engineers have to have an in-depth knowledge of engineering, design, and biotech to work efficiently. They are an integral part of the healthcare sector and hence receive great remuneration.

Biochemist: The day to day life is affected by various things ranging from chemicals to our ambiances. Our living quality is more affected by things on a molecular level and the biochemists have the duty of studying this. Biochemists have the responsibility of closely examining different molecules and their effects on drugs and food. The ultimate aim of biochemists is to improve life quality. Besides working in the biotech industry, they can shape their career in the pharmaceutical industry where the graduates of the best pharmacy colleges in India go!

Biotech Product Analyst: In any biotech company, there is a need for a professional to take care of the quality of the product. So, here comes the role of biotech product analyst. They have to supervise the manufacturing of the products and make sure that no compromise is being made with the quality of the product.

Zoologists: The job designation gives an idea of what a zoologist is. Yes, a zoologist is one who studies wildlife. As the world is becoming environmentally imbalanced, zoology becomes a panacea for restoring balance. Zoologist studies animals and their health in different types of environments. Also, he is one who keeps a check on different diseases and ailments which adversely affect wildlife intending to combat them.

Food safety analysts: They usually work for companies involved in the manufacturing and processing of food. The job roles of food safety analysts are to check if all the procedures are being carried according to the highest standards and to reassure that the FDA regulations are being followed. Furthermore, they have to test food products, address problems, and put forth the right ways to solve them.

Conclusion: All these amazing options can grant you an impressive pay scale, recognition, and respect. So, it is up to you to run a little research to see which career option suits you the best. But to do so, you first have to complete a degree in Biotechnology from a reputed college. Consequently, you need to search for the best college and then apply online. We suggest you start your journey to transform your dream into reality right now without wasting time. Good Luck, the future awaits.