Time Management Tips for College Students

Time Management Tips for College Students

September 12, 2020

Time is money and once gone doesn’t come back so needs to be utilized properly. Just like the way we don’t let money go waste and invest it only after proper research, time should be managed in the same way. College students need to manage their time in the right way. But not all have joined the Top Management Colleges in India to know the tricks of doing the aforementioned.

But don’t worry, we are here to guide you on this. No matter through which mode of education are you being taught these days, it is very important to know what, when, and how to manage your time.

If you are well organized and have a plan, you will have a lot of time on hand however if you are aimless and just go with the flow, there will never be enough time

So, here we are presenting some of the tips using which the students will be able to do better Time Management:

Prioritize stuff: Okay, so first things first, in our life each thing has a priority. For example, in any person’s life, the top priorities could be Food, Rest, and Sleep. In the same way, students have their own set of priorities. But since we all are different and have different mindsets, it becomes important to identify our own choices.

So, students need to set their priority right and should allot more time to the most important tasks. Let’s say, you have been enrolled in one of the Best Engineering Colleges in India, and you need to make the most of it, what will you do?

You will make a plan focusing on getting to know even the minute details related to your degree. You will study more, know better about the college programs, and get enrolled in them for your betterment.

Make a schedule: Old school thought? Yes, but this is one of the best methods to date when it comes to time management. Make a time table with all of your daily activities mentioned in there based on the priority (just like we mentioned in the first point), adjust the time frame.

You must give adequate time to study, sports, leisure, and other important activities. You can make the best out of it by planning your day with productive activities that would leave no room for any sort of negative activity/impact.

Know your distractions: It is not bad to take breaks; in fact, some studies suggest that breaks make a person more efficient. However, expansion of those breaks times and then getting converted to a big halt of doing nothing productive and regretting later

Sad, isn’t it? Live with no regrets and for that, you should know your weak points. Make sure
you know what things distract you the most. For example, if you are into binge-watching or playing video games, you can lose track of time and waste a major time of your day on these things.

Make a list of things that distract you and start working on how you can reduce them. For starters, you can put those things in your time table and give them a little room in there. After that, keep decreasing the time of those things accordingly until you completely let them diminish and, finally fade.

Split the tasks: Depending on the size and the complexity of the task, you can categorize it. Some tasks are more time-consuming and can eat up your whole day. The best thing to do here is to divide the tasks into small segments.

Suppose, you are studying in one of the Biotechnology Colleges in India and they have assigned you a project where you have to complete a research paper on, let’s say, Structural Biology of Infectious Diseases.

In this case, you cannot complete the research in one day and even if you dedicate the whole day to it, it won’t get completed.

  • Here’s how you handle such challenges: Take one portion at a time.
  • Keep a specific slot titled ‘Biotech Project’ in your time table with a duration of two years.
  • Work chronologically on the project while covering one topic per day.

This way you will be able to complete the project before the deadline without affecting other activities.

Determination: People always make plans, and some of them look nice until they are executed. Why? Because humans have this capacity of not sticking to their schedules. Only a few of us are determined enough to take these plans and stick to them in the long run.

Make sure you join the rare lot.

Have a checklist: You are not a professional planner and let’s face it, your time table can leave room for imperfections. So, you need to have a checklist of the tasks you were supposed to complete that following day and evaluate your performance.

This will tell you what to do and what not to do in the days to come. After all, life is a series of improvements.

Eat, Sleep, Repeat: It is not a one-time thing. Time Management should be imbibed in your lifestyle that you follow it everywhere, every time. This will induce a strong sense of responsibility and discipline. Initially, it will be difficult but with time, you will be thankful for cruising over tough times with ease.

Conclusion: Time Management should be everyone’s choice in this fast running life. If you do not manage time now, time will manage to sweep things away from you. It is not a herculean task if you follow these tips religiously. All you need to do is, stick to the plan—, time table (in your case).