Ten important career tips for those aspiring to become successful Hotel Managers

Ten important career tips for those aspiring to become successful Hotel Managers

July 17, 2019

Turning out to be a successful Hotel manager is not a matter of sheer luck but of hard work, planning and determination altogether. The scope of being a hotel manager is quite voluminous and so it is considered as a promising career. When one has determination in mind and has a target set, one needs to make a check of things to be done accordingly. If you don’t have any plan of action, don’t worry because we’ve got one in place. First things first, the initiation of ascertaining your position as a hotel manager happens with getting enrolled in one of the best hotel management colleges in India. Once you have entered the sphere where you are yet to craft your dreams, explore it well.

Quite often, students think that once they acquire their hotel management degree, they will join a job either at the domestic front or on the global level. Besides working towards the aim of getting settled in life, a few points as mentioned below need to be kept in mind and followed as well:

1.Have a mentor: Every phase of our life shapes up pretty well if we have that one right mentor. At times just going around aimlessly might not lead to the right destination. Whatever path you wish to stay on or change, consult your mentor for he/she knows better than you. Now, your mentor can be anyone; your teacher, head of the department or anyone who definitely has more experience than you and can surely guide you better. It is not necessary that your mentor is the one whom every one is running after, it should be the one whom you feel is the right one for you, period!

2.Become a leader (not a boss): An excerpt from one of the Hollywood Blockbusters “With great power comes great responsibility” sums up what we are about to ponder over. Being a hotel manager is about being a leader. While it is definite that one should be leading the force, being bossy should not even be in your mind. Always work on your leadership skills; lead the groups during various co-curricular activities in your college. Participating in different tasks will enhance your leadership skills and give you a great exposure building your confidence further.This one feature of Hotel management student is on the same lines to those pursuing Management Courses.

3.Make flexibility your habit: The fact that the hotel industry demands every ounce of hard work is known to almost everyone. It is one industry which caters to the customers need twenty-four seven. Accordingly, the hotel management aspirants should be prepared to work in flexible working hours as well as on holidays and weekends as this industry is on 365 days. Hotel managers do not have a fixed schedule and hence they don’t go with routine of a 9 to 5 job. If the hotel needs them at night, they have to be there. Consequently, it is recommended to all those aspiring to become hotel managers to make and accept flexible working hours as a part of this profession.

4.Hone up communication skills: Being a hotel management student you must be working hard and making it a point to keep learning things. Have you ever paid close attention to the communication style which the hotel managers possess? They speak with utter fluency. Even the simplest of words are presented with sophistication. While some are born with these skills, the rest acquire them. Make sure that you extensively put your communication skills in practice until they get completely refined as it will help you have an edge over others during placement drive.

5.Undergo various training processes: Engineering Courses and Hotel Management courses are two categories which require the students to have more practical approach than theoretical. Besides mandatory internships, explore more on your own. We are not trying to say that don’t have a personal life; what we mean is that during your vacations or free time and once your exams are over, undergo more of practical training as they will only enhance your confidence and skills.

6.Multitasking: Although there are different managers in a hotel taking care of different verticals such as housekeeping manager, kitchen manager, etc, Hotel General Manager is the one who overlooks all the departments and is responsible for the smooth functioning of the hotel. Any problem faced by any department, any decision pertaining to any sector has to be dealt with by the General Manager. The students should learn different activities under varied verticals within the hotel so that they develop a holistic approach. This way one becomes a multitasker.

7.Punctuality should be your priority: When someone works on the upper level one should set an example for the subordinates. If you respect time and are punctual then you are on the right track but if you lack this very feature you will have a hard time writing a successful hotel management career. One can inculcate this habit right by always reaching the classes on time or a little earlier. Complete your assignments in time and have proper time management schedule because when we talk about management, we are referring to the management of every aspect of your job. The crux: make punctuality your priority.

8.Take criticism in stride: Rewards are on the forefront but sometimes there is a time lag between one acknowledging them. However, one thing is clear that you will be paid back if you are sincere. Right from the college days one should learn to accept criticism in the right spirit with positivity. Be it your Institute or work place, if you are open to taking criticism in the right manner you will only be able to make up your weak areas stronger, take corrective measures thus helping you to have a better growth and excel in your career.

9.Expand your knowledge base: Working in an industry as dynamic as hospitality is both daunting and exciting. You get an opportunity to meet people from different cultures, religions, territories speaking different languages. So for our future Hotel Managers, the need to keep learning should always be there. Explore subjects like managing across cultures, organizational behavior, working of the industry, etc with a whole heart. Once you get the picture clear, you are definitely going to give your best.

10.Consult placement office: The one mistake which students do is that they completely ignore the fact that there is a placement cell established in their college. There are numerous ways in which the placement cells can be of use to the job aspirants. Consulting them at every step should become a regular practice as a placement cell can help you in all possible ways. For sure-shot placement, let them steer you in the right direction with the right guidance.

As said earlier, the degree curriculum varies within states and countries as well but if one understands that and makes the best of it than success is going to happen for sure. Make great strides in your perspective, your approach and groom your overall personality. One thing which you should remember is that you are not the only one coming out as a Hotel Management graduate, there are thousands of other as well but the one who possess the best of skills is going to make a difference. Once you have accepted this, you are bound to get great results.