Study Tips for Your Career during Pandemic

Study Tips for Your Career during Pandemic

August 31, 2020

Life is a journey of ongoing events. One after another a lot of things keep happening without any long pause. But this year, the ongoing Pandemic took a toll on everyone’s life across the world and threw it completely out of gear. Jobs, businesses, and even education got adversely affected. Staying at home and keeping pace with the studies & career can become a bit challenging but not impossible if managed in the right manner.

The COVID-19 pandemic has engulfed the whole world for the last few months now and it has adversely affected almost everyone from all walks of life. If you are worried about your education and the career path ahead, you need to step forth and take control of everything. There is some regime that one can strictly follow and take control of the future course of life and career.

Have a study space: Some of you might already be having a dedicated study space while others might be just doing it anywhere. However, in order to create a study environment, you need to have a properly allocated space to get into the mood to do so without any distractions. Studying at home can be a little challenging so it is important to have the right set up to do so.

Make a time table: Life is a little off track when we are not in the regular routine while staying at home. As time keeps passing by and it is too late by the time we realize how we could have utilized the time in a better way.

To avoid this happening in the future, try to plan out a proper schedule. Divide your time for studies and leisure, exercise & rest and in this way, you will be able to have a balance for all the activities.

If you are one trying to get into the Best Engineering College in India and are preparing for JEE or other competitive exams, make sure that you allow extra time to revisions because cracking these exams is not a child’s play.

Also, it will be great if you include something that makes you happy. It can be a hobby, music, or anything else because these are tough times, and keeping a healthy and stress-free mind should be the top priority.

Stay in touch with tutors/mentors:For those who were already enrolled in colleges/universities/institutes, make sure that you don’t forget your guides. Be it a life to be it studies; you should never ignore your teachers for they can help you better as they know better.

This is an era of smart work and to do smart work you need the support of experienced or senior candidates and they can be your mentors.

Ask them for study material and extra resources with which you can make your educational foundation stronger.

Get online training :If you are from a field where tasks are done online, then you can start working online. You have plenty of time and sitting ideal won’t help you in any way. So, why not use the extra time in utilising your practical skills. For example, you are pursuing Graphic design courses, you can undertake designing projects online and you can even get paid for it.

It will be like a paid internship and it will help you in so many ways. First, you will know the real know-how of the industry. Second, you will gain experience, and third, you will get paid for the same.

Keep up with the latest trends:We totally agree that you cannot get out knowing what is actually happening in the world but you can surely keep pace with what can happen in the future. One should always know the possibilities and opportunities that surround you and this will decrease the chances of you missing it.

Say you are pursuing a degree in Tourism, like Bachelor of Travel and Tourism and as you know, this area is being affected a lot by the pandemic situation. Now a lot of other areas under this sphere are opening up, it becomes important to take the right decision and accordingly pursue a particular program and move in the right direction.

Stay safe, stay healthy:Having all said, we recommend you take extra care of your health because, in the end, those who are healthy are the actual winners. Study hard but don’t let it take a toll on your body. Eat healthily, work out, and take preventive measures as required.

Maintain good hygiene and remember, tough times do not come to throw you off-track but to make you realize what all can be done and how to find an opportunity in a challenging situation.

In the end, we would only like to say “that tough times build tough people”.

Conquer these hardships and see what the world has for you. You will be surprised to know the potential that earlier was invisible. If you are someone looking for assistance regarding the admission process, you can visit the official website of Chandigarh Group of Colleges Landran. Keep calm, we are all in this together!