Scope of food technology in India

Scope of food technology in India

August 12, 2020

Food is an important element of any ecosystem. It is something that provides all the required nutrients to the body. From plants to animals and from humans to microbes, nutrients provide the required energy keeping the immune system in good health. Today, our eating habits have evolved and we are always trying to intake food that is able to satiate hunger while taking care of our taste.

The Best Hotel Management Colleges in India understand the importance of the Food Industry, its contribution, and the potential it holds thus offer courses related to Food Technology to become a mode of entering this industry with ease.

Food Technology is an academic discipline that deals with the techniques related to the production, processing, preservation, packaging, and distribution of food products. There are various work areas where candidates can work after completing the pertinent degrees. The primary industry that offers lucrative opportunities to candidates is hospitality.

Areas with the most job scope:

According to a report by the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion the Food Processing Industry of India is likely to reach USD $33 million by 2025 which means there will be a boom in the job openings. So, in a way, the degrees related to Food Production and Food Technology do have a scope in the country and will definitely offer you the best of jobs.

Some of the related job areas where students can easily get absorbed are as following:

  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Research & Development
  • Food Safety and Inspection Services
  • Agricultural Research Service
The best Career Opportunities offered to the candidates after degrees:

Some of the major programs that are offered under this include B.Tech in Food Technology, B.Sc. Food Technology, Diploma Food Production, etc. After concluding any of the related degrees, the students will be able to work as the following professionals:

Food Technologist: With a degree in Food Technology, the primary job that will be the best for the candidates is working as a Food Technologist. The main tasks associated with this degree include maintaining safety and quality during the food production process.

Quality Manager: In the high production food industries someone has to keep a check on the quality of the food being prepared. Such companies are always in need of quality inspection managers who can take care of maintaining the quality and set standards of the organization

Nutritional Therapist: Dieticians and Nutritionists make a lot of money these days. Realizing that changing eating habits can have a great impact on your health has helped nutritionists to make a successful career. With a degree in Food Technology, one can work as a Nutritionist. Other degrees such as B.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics can also help you work in the same position.

Food Production Director: From hiring to the training of the technical as well as the non-technical staff, the food production director oversees everything. He is responsible for keeping a check on the staff in coordination with other units of the work.

Technical Brewer: It is one of the most crucial positions in the beer production process. Technical Brewers must have all the knowledge related to the brewing process so that they will be able to supervise and keep a check on the whole process.

Chefs: In hotels, schools, offices, restaurants, eating-joints, and other similar places, one can join as a chef. Chefs are very well paid and sought after by the best of hotels and restaurant owners not within the country but across the world.

Conclusion: With a degree in Food Technology and Food Production, you will be on par with the best professionals in the Hospitality industry. As the hospitality industry furthers out to various other verticals, it becomes easy to choose the best befitting option. All you need to do here is to make the right decision. Don’t easily fall for tags; make sure to dig out the facts.

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