Promising Career Options After M.Com

Promising Career Options After M.Com

October 29, 2020

The discipline of commerce encompasses Management as well along with focussing and developing leadership skills, problem-solving, business accounting, decision making, etc. Those who successfully conclude the degree in the pertinent field are able to secure the best of jobs. This becomes the reason behind the Best Management Colleges in India offering these academic programs.

There are various degree and diploma programs under the banner of Commerce but they all have different career opportunities and future scopes. However, the leading degree programs include B.Com (undergraduate degree) and M.Com (postgraduate degree).

A three-year B.Com degree imparts knowledge about the basics of this discipline whereas the M.Com degree elaborates on the advanced postulates of the same. Consequently, those candidates who complete their M.Com degrees have better and more promising career options to choose from. For those who wish to continue their studies, there are multitudes of course options as well. Let’s move ahead to find out what those options are.

The most lucrative career opportunities after an M.Com degree

No matter in which sector you wish to work—private or government—if you have completed your M.Com from the best college and have the quintessential knowledge, then you can work on the following job posts:

Senior Accountant: The senior accountant is responsible for overlooking and supervising all the activities being carried in the accounts department. The responsibilities of a senior accountant include verifying, allocating, and posting the accounts payable or receivable. This job holds a responsible position and those who work on this designation get decent salaries.

Senior Audit Officer: The senior audit officer has to perform various tasks related to auditing to ensure the smooth and errorless functions of the organization’s finance. Some of these include planning the audit process, conducting research related to it, analyzing the current policies and processes. Usually, there are full-fledged auditing teams in companies and so, the senior audit officers also have the responsibilities of supervising and motivating the junior staff.

Company Secretary: Company Secretary has different roles. Primarily, they perform duties such as directing and guiding the company directors about crucial decisions. They have to ensure that the company complies with statutory and regulatory requirements. If you have completed an M.Com degree, then you can get enrolled in the intermediate course at the Institute of Company Secretaries in India (ICSI) to qualify for the same.

Senior Business Analyst: Under this designation, the candidate is expected to review the company’s business process, clientele, and various other sectors through which the efficiency of the business can be improved. So, the senior business analysts assist a client or a company in making new business strategies through which timely completion of the task can be attained.

Finance Officer: As the name implies, the Finance officers have the responsibility of making financial budgets for a company, reviewing them, and making sure that the money is being used judiciously. To put it simply, the finance officer takes all the decision-related to finance. He is also responsible for resolving financial disputes. Those who have done M.Com can work on this designation. And those who have completed a Finance degree from the Best MBA Colleges in India also get to work in this position.

Stock Broker: The job as a stockbroker means managing the financial portfolio of a client. The client can either be an individual or a company. The Stockbroker guides the client on the right kind of investment to be made or exit as per the market growth and fluctuations. In-depth knowledge is required to play the role of a successful stockbroker and the remuneration here can be really handsome.

Economist: The role of an economist is that of being a financial researcher. The economy is dynamic and the trends within change frequently. So, the jobs of economists are related to market study both at the micro as well as macro level. They have to analyze data, research the market, and devise strategies accordingly.

M.Com is an all-encompassing field that spreads out into various segments and sectors with Finance and Banking being the dominant two. Here, students can either start working in the aforementioned workplaces or they can pursue higher studies. They can start preparing for CA exams, get a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) credential. Regardless of what you wish to do after an M.Com, you need to complete this degree from the best college only. A college that provides you with lucrative placement opportunities and has already proven its potential.

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