Mechanical Engineers: Job, Career and Future Scope

Mechanical Engineers: Job, Career and Future Scope

July 2, 2020

Mechanical Engineering is surely one of the most versatile and diverse filed. How? Well, allow us to tell you. It is a discipline that blends and combines creativity, design, knowledge, and touches almost every aspect of human life.

For the same reason, Mechanical Engineering is also known as the pioneer of Engineering. Being one of the oldest engineering streams, it has a lot of prospects and puts forth a lot of career opportunities for the to be Mechanical Engineers.

This degree has subsumed various concepts such as Hydraulics, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, and many more. Therefore, Mechanical Engineers can and work in different fields of the same industry. As more and more groundbreaking inventions are relying on this stream, the future scope of the degree is expanding.

The ASME Center for Education formed an engineering education task force that presented a report comprising a list of various traits that a Mechanical Engineer should have for a secure future in the ever-growing competitive world. The list also puts forth various new inventions and innovations that one can work on after the completion of this degree thereby opening newer job opportunities worldwide.

Consequently, the Best Engineering Colleges in India offer a degree in Mechanical Engineering along with various other programs that help to inculcate the aforementioned traits and further in acquiring the best jobs in the market.

So, here we present to you all the different career options that a Mechanical Engineer can choose right after completing his or her degree. But first, you need to know the different roles of a Mechanical Engineer.

Job profiles of Mechanical Engineers: Mechanical Engineers have to be multitasking since they will be working in various areas. The job roles include:
Producing specifications, designing, developing, manufacturing, and installing new mechanical components or systems.

  • Assessing and evaluating project requirements.
  • Measuring and evaluating the performance of different mechanical components.
  • Maintaining & modifying equipment
  • Presenting reports and maintaining documents.
  • Testing and evaluating the products.

Other profiles for Mechanical Engineers include the following:

Automotive Research Engineer: As the name implies, automotive engineers have the responsibilities of research & planning, conceptualizing, designing, and manufacturing, of automobiles.

Some of the automotive giants like General Motors, Tata, Mahindra & Mahindra, Tesla, Volkswagen, Ford, Toyota, etc, can become the job destination for automotive engineers.

Heating & Cooling Systems Engineer: Heating & Cooling Systems Engineer takes the responsibility of designing and implementing the tools, engines, machines for the creation of heating and cooling systems.

Robotics Engineer: With the workload in today’s era, robots are used that are the replicas of humans, created by humans but are highly mechanically advanced. So, a robotics engineer is the one who has the responsibility of designing, developing, and creating those machines that do the aforementioned.

Some top-notch companies that hire robotics engineers include Google, iRobot Corp, John Deere, General Motors, etc.

Material Engineer: The name very clearly states what the job is all about. For composing and building various things and systems, different materials are required and it is the role of the Material Engineer to supervise the same. The main job responsibilities of a Material Engineer are to design and create new materials for different purposes and also ensure putting forth the processes with which these materials can be manufactured.

Control & Instrumentation Engineers: Those working under this designation have the responsibility of designing, developing, installing, managing, and maintaining equipment that is used to monitor & control the engineering systems, machinery, and processes.

Nuclear Engineers: Nuclear Engineering is a good stream as it opens some really nice job opportunities. A nuclear engineer has the responsibility of analyzing the energy transmission, conversion, and storage systems. They also have to monitor the activities and provide solutions for any sort of problem that may arise at the nuclear plant/station.

Now, within these job profiles, there are different fields of expertise and the students can work according to their skills and interests. These innumerable job openings that are appended to this program have definitely made it one of the Best Engineering Courses in India. But this isn’t the end. You should also know which industries become the top recruiters for mechanical engineers.

Conclusion: As they say “Sky is the limit”. But if you just get along and start your pursuit of this degree, you will unfold a gamut of opportunities in various industries like automobile, nuclear, aeronautics, and others in the stream. All you have to do is search for the best Mechanical Colleges in India and secure your admission.

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