International exchange programs at CGC Landran—Providing Global Exposure

International exchange programs at CGC Landran—Providing Global Exposure

June 6, 2020

Ever since the inception of Chandigarh Group of Colleges Landran in the year 2001, the college has been strenuous to provide students with the highest educational standards and coveted job positions. Therefore, it has included a lot of program options under its academic curriculum. To provide more than just the mainstream education, the Institute started a Department of International Affairs to cater to the student needs for International Education.

This department supervises and directs all the activities associated with international collaborations and programs. The department ensures to provide the students with international education and working standards. CGC Landran, being a part of BUSINET, formulates the procedure and means of international exposure for the students. CGC to date has entered into more than 45+ renowned Universities across the world.

There are a lot of options for international student exchange programs run by CGC Landran including short as well as long term ones. Students who are already enrolled have the liberty to choose a study program at any of the collaborated universities as per the program they are pursuing.

Long term International programs at CGC Landran (A maximum of six months):

Semester exchange program: As the name implies, this program offers students an opportunity to spend one semester of their ongoing program in a foreign university. The same goes for the universities with which we have collaborated. Their students can spend one full semester at CGC Landran. So, you can get admission to Best MBA Specializations in demand, in the year 2020 and spend a semester at a foreign university.
An exchange student, Akshay Mahesh, from Fontys University of Applied Sciences Netherlands absolutely loved our vibrant campus and joyous ambiance. We have had the honor of catering to students from countries such as Belgium, Denmark, Germany, and many more!

International Internship: A part of international exposure is making students acquainted with the working of the highest international standards. Students get to participate in the internship programs organized by any of the collaborated universities/colleges. One of our talented students, Ashujit Singh went for a Career Advancement Program at Arkansas State University, USA.

Summer/Winter school: It is a certification course that might or might not give students credit scores. It usually lasts for two to six months and includes a blend of academic and non-academic activities.

Virtual school: For those who are not comfortable leaving the house, this program brings the world to your house. The virtual school helps you in attending the universities/colleges from your home that too, free of cost! This is a certification course, so you basically get to stay back at home, attend it virtually, without paying anything, and still get a certificate! It’s a win-win situation, right?

Credit transfer programs: After completing a part of their degree from CGC Landran, the students can get transferred to a foreign university for the balance of the program.

International higher education: It is just like a credit transfer program but the main difference here is that the students need to complete their whole degree and not just a part of it. Once the degree is completed, they can go for higher education at a different university.

Short-term International programs at CGC Landran:

International study trip: The name of this program is self-explanatory. Under this, the students get to take a short trip lasting no more than a half a week at a partnered university. This program is a blend of academic and extracurricular activities.

International project week: This program w lets the students of CGC Landran spend a half week on campus working with international students on different projects.

International competition: CGC Landran students get to take part in international competitions held by universities with whom the college has collaborated and can win exciting prizes. Some of our students participated in CANSAT sponsored by NASA, USA, and gained an experience of a lifetime! Our B.Tech Mechanical Engineering student, Kartik Puri, who participated in this event, got placed with a lucrative package at Padmini VNA Mechatronics Private Limited. International partaking does wonders!

International grants: CGC Landran respects those who work hard. And hence, our meritorious students are awarded grants through which they can undertake international programs at any of the partnered universities.

International guest speakers: To give a gist of what it is like, at the international level, CGC Landran helps in providing exposure to the experts from overseas. So, it organizes International Conferences wherein international guest speakers come and share the insights of this big developing world.

International Model United Nations: It is a two-day event where students from different colleges and universities, PAN-India participate, discuss and debate be a part of panel discussions on the current topics and issues and win cash prizes!

Faculty exchange programs: Besides students, the faculty also gets to attend the best of International programs! Under this, the faculty members can visit a partnered university/college and take up a teaching assignment. With this program, the respected Campus Director, Dr.P.N. Hrisheekesha of CGC Landran, and Dr. Ramandeep Saini (Dean International Affairs) visited the UK to partner universities and sign new MOUs.

The crux: In the ever-expanding world that sees and feels no boundaries, having international exposure is a boon. So, CGC Landran wishes and aims to instill students with this advantage and inculcate the best of skills. This has become a trend at Chandigarh Group of Colleges Landran and just like other Best Engineering Colleges in India; it surely brings the whole world closer to the students.

From the list of these exclusive programs, you can choose any and get the best academic experience! So, the college that provides fantastic placement opportunities, international exposure, overall development facilities, should definitely become your first choice! If you are looking for international exposure and want to advance towards wider opportunities, you will blend in just right at CGC Landran! So, don’t wait, Know the complete online admission process.