Five good reasons to choose Hotel Management course for a successful career

Five good reasons to choose Hotel Management course for a successful career

July 3, 2019

Hospitality Industry has become the epitome of success. With the escalating number of employment possibilities, it has become a promising sector. As of now, there are about 187,000 hotels in the world. The statistical data beyond the limits of your imagination unveils the numerous possibilities in the Hospitality industry. The data by Brandongaille shares that one new job is added every 2.5 seconds to the hospitality industry. If you do all the calculations right, you would get to know that about 34000 job openings are happening in a single day! Doesn’t that blow your mind off? In the era when people are focusing more on Management and Engineering degrees, Hotel Management gained momentum meanwhile. By now it is a well-established sector which offers ample opportunities and this is the reason for the upsurge in the number of hotel management colleges in India.

Now, you might be thinking that some of the other fields also provide promising career opportunities then why we should go for this sector only? For those who seek the answers, we are listing below the reasons why this is indeed one of the best career options.

1.Excellent Salary Packages: In the past decade, there has been a rise in the overall living cost around the world. With this concern, candidates are looking for those jobs which can pay off well. It is of no surprise that hotel management can give you what to desire. Hospitality sector ascertains a remunerative job which would just be fine and enough to take care of your expenses plus giving you opportunities for better growth ahead.

One of the top profiles under which a hotel management candidate can get handsome salary is of General Manager. A hotel manager is at the helm of supervising all of the activities in the Hotel. The second most remunerative job profile is of executive chef. Hotels and restaurants without a chef is a fish without water. So, perhaps that is one of the many reasons that chefs are paid well as the taste they provide to the customers speaks a lot about the quality and uniqueness of a hotels food. The salary packages also escalate as the years of experience keep on multiplying. This marks the very first reason behind opting for this course.

2.Creative, Exciting and Unique Openings: There are different job profiles and descriptions in the hospitality industry. This is surely one of those rare sectors which provide a platform to showcase innovative and out-of-the-box ideas. As there are some job profiles which constantly demand innovation, you will never feel that you are stuck in the monotonous circle. Some of the most creative and exciting job profiles under hotel management include:

a.Chef/Sous Chef: Starting with the classic association with the course-Chef. For some, it might just seem another person in the thick of cooking. Well, you are in a dilemma here. Without a trace of doubt, cooking becomes the primal function of a chef but can you stay long in the race without infusing novel ideas? No. The more creative you are the better the growth. The fresher your idea, the more customers you are going to get.

b.Sommelier: The perfect cocktail of wines does not appear on the menu if the sommelier is amiss. The concoction of wine and food is the exemplary outcome of sommelier’s efforts. The person (Sommelier) who has knowledge of all the wines has to have the avant-garde approach.

c.Event Planner: Whether it is a wedding or a birthday party or even a little kitty party around the corner, each one of the organizers strives to become unique. Every part, every facet of our life is surrounded by the desire to stand out from the rest. The hotel management students can even start their own event management company or join one as event coordinator/planner. For an event to become the talk of the town, one needs to rack brains to come up with a unique and novel idea every time. In this way, it pushes one’s limits and raises the bar.

3.Global Outreach: Just like business management, this sector also diminishes the territorial barriers. The scope of Hotel Management in India is a tinier reflection of the sector’s overall potential. The takeaway of this hospitality sector is that it subsumes the entire world. If a candidate has completed his/her hotel management degree, he/she can also work in other parts of the world. It opens the door for candidates through which they can settle their business/work in the coveted locations. Those who work in the aviation industry, catering services, travel & tourism, event management, etc get an opportunity to travel across exotic locations, at times even to there dream destinations and that too at the company expense.

4.Dynamic Career: Once a candidate starts working in the hotel management industry or in the hospitality industry, he/she would come to know that what all options and opportunities are available within the sector. Suppose if a candidate has joined the hotel as a room service manager, he can also get shifted to the post of housekeeping manager. This way the working and functioning of the candidates keep on getting refreshed. This dynamism is intrinsic to the hotel management industry is rare to any other. By pushing the limits of the employees, the sector aids the overall development process.

5.Flexible work hours: Don’t want to be a negative Nancy but if you are a Nine-to-five-hours-a-day person then hotel management is not your cup of tea. The foretold aspect is its pro as well as a con. Being in an industry where you don’t have fixed time in a day is a daunting thing. But the best part about not having a fixed time period every day is that there are different shifts. So, being in the hotel industry brings an opportunity of working in flexible hours.

These five reasons are just a precursor to a lot more this industry has to offer. To shape an exclusive and successful career, one needs to have a persuasive initiation. The theoretical syllabus of Hotel Management is more or less similar across various institutes; however, it is the practical exposure that makes a difference. Consequently, the key to a successful and exciting career in hotel management is choosing the right option as per your interest. With the assistance of a prestigious hotel management institute, the candidates can surely reach the pinnacle of success.