Exploring BBA in 2020 – Is it the Right Choice for Commerce Students?

Exploring BBA in 2020 – Is it the Right Choice for Commerce Students?

July 20, 2020

Right after completing the twelfth standard, commerce students have to pick the best educational path. Among the hoard of programs, there lies a BBA degree. Now, BBA is a path to a future that springs out all the exciting and successful career opportunities. This has become the premise on which newer Management Colleges in India are coming up.

Many of the candidates might even be thinking about this decision of choosing a BBA degree and whether it is the right choice or not. To assist and guide all of them, we have jotted down some points that will help you know that you are going just in the right direction.

BBA is a two-year degree program that would land you with multiple career opportunities. You can either start working after completing this degree or you can just go for further studies. There are many exciting options for a candidate right after this degree and this makes it just the right choice for commerce students!

Higher studies option after BBA:

Although there are innumerable programs around the world that a candidate can get into after completing a BBA degree, all do not hold a great future scope. While some might make you sharpen your skills, others would fetch you great rewards. But there are only few that will help you have both and those have been mentioned hereafter:

Master of Business Administration: A two year MBA is the next level to a BBA degree, ideally. It has all the subjects that are present under the curriculum of BBA but with the inclusion of advanced postulates. So, if a candidate does not want to start working right away after BBA, this is the best option.

Now, the MBA comes in various specializations. There are many different streams under which this degree is offered. This also becomes the reason behind the graduates of even the Best Engineering Colleges in India choosing this degree right after B.Tech.

Chartered Accountant: Chartered Accountant is not a course of degree program offered by colleges or universities. It is a qualifying exam that will help the candidates in becoming CAs and is supervised by the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India (ICAI). Although it can be pursued even after intermediate, there is no restriction on starting the journey even after graduation.

Company Secretary: Again, it is not offered by schools of colleges. It Is controlled by the Indian Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). The course allows the candidates to become company secretaries after undergoing four different programs. Your entry-level program would be defined by your educational qualification.

Master of Arts: There are many variations in which MA is offered. Some of them that a BBA graduate can easily get in include M.A. Economic, M.A. Finance, M.A. Political Science, etc. If one is interested in mastering a niche of the commerce sector, then this is the best available option out there.

M.Com: Master of Commerce is again a two-year degree that particularly focuses on the commerce field and its different aspects. After this degree becoming an academician becomes very easy. But the options don’t just end here. The candidates can even get jobs in the best organizations out there.

Job opportunities after BBA: Bachelor of Business Administration has the potential of putting forth a lot of job options. From entry-level jobs to jobs for experienced candidates, there are so many opportunities. Some of the most repaying ones include the following:

Business Administration Researcher: Finance is the lifeline of an organization that has to be taken care of. The financial roadmap has to be laid down with the utmost efficiency and has to be very precise. And this all is the responsibility of the Business Administration Researcher. He/She is responsible for keeping a check of all this and presenting the strategic ways to invest.

Business Consultant: The name gives away a lot about the designation. The business consultants have to organize and execute the projects according to the client’s requirements and have to provide solutions to the ongoing business problems.

Marketing Manager: Marketing Manager is a job post that demands years of experience and effective skills. To be so, the candidates must enter the marketing sector and then rise to this level. However, if you add an MBA degree from one of the Best MBA Colleges in India, you can directly enter this workplace.

Career Development Officer: In any organization, there has to be a scheme where those working more than others are rewarded accordingly. They can either be presented with fringe or monetary benefits. Out of the list of these benefits, one is promoting the staff.

The key responsibilities of a career development officer are to assist with promotions, implementation, and smooth conduct of employee development programs.

Recruiting Coordinator: The core responsibility areas include recruiting the deserving and likely candidates for a job opening. From posting online about the job opening to scheduling interviews, all lies under the job description of recruiting coordinators.

Government Jobs: There are many different jobs in sectors such as Banking, Finance, Insurance, Treasury, and more alike where the students can just work and earn well. This also offers great job security. All you have to do is take the respective exams, qualify them and you will be ready to kickstart your journey!

Teaching jobs: Teachers are nation builders. Without them, we are just ordinary human beings that can learn limited things. Teachers are boon to society and so they hold a very special and worthy place in building the nation. So, a candidate can work as a teacher or professor in the best colleges out there.

Conclusion: BBA degree is something that helps in entering the managerial sector. The business domain needs someone who has skills and tactics to handle business along with knowing what are the core principles. In the year 2020, BBA is a perfect option to start a journey towards success as this will bring out many other hidden options to the surface that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. Higher studies and various career opportunities, take either road and write a successful story. All you here need is the support of the best college.

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