Computer Science Engineering:Future, Career, and Opportunities

Computer Science Engineering:Future, Career, and Opportunities

October 1, 2019

Engineering is a discipline comprising action, practice and above all, opportunities. Engineering has been and continues to be the most sought after disciplines of education even today . Presently, Computer Science Engineering has become one of the most sought-after streams of engineering. That is the reason behind the Best Engineering Colleges in India offering this degree.
Computer Science Engineering was first introduced in the year 1976 in India and after that—as the digital revolution took over—this branch of education became very popular. It incorporates all those necessary elements which help students in assimilating the designing, developing and troubleshooting computer devices/systems. There are innumerable opportunities which are mentioned hereafter.

Job Prospects after Computer Science Engineering:

The twenty-first century has witnessed some of the most remarkable growth and development of many new businesses and a lot of business giants coming into the picture. The interconnectivity and interdependence of different departments have been pulled off well because of Computer Science. Various organizations such as Amazon, Deloitte, Infosys, Cognizant, HCL and many more always remain in constant search of CSE grads. Within these notable companies, the students get to work in positions such as:

Web Designing/ Developing: Who makes the websites? How are we able to operate them? One answer: Web developer. Web developers are so in demand that no matter which company or organization you join, it will have a dedicated slot for a web developer. The best part about being a web developer is that one has the flexibility of working full time or taking up a project on freelance basis.

UX Analyst: UX stands for user experience. A UX analyst has the responsibilities of analyzing existing systems along with understanding the needs of business/audience. A UX analyst has to research the user experience—see if there is anything which needs up-gradation. In addition to all these, the UX analysts have to keep an eye on functionality. The skills required to be a UX analyst include research & analysis, understand the interface design, knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other tools.

Software Support Analyst: Software Support Analyst renders assistance and supervision for computer software problems along with providing advice and solutions. These systems include operating systems, application malfunctions, etc. The essential characteristic of this profile include grievance handling, analysis of software related issues, fixation of software problems, and so on.

Software Engineer: Software Engineers have the responsibility of developing an information system with the aid of designing, developing, and installing software solutions. The job duties include the preparation and installation of software solutions.

Computer Programmer: It is a very renowned job profile. The computer programmer has to know all the computer languages, write computer programs, test computer software, etc. The programmer also have to troubleshoot software. Just like web developers, computer programmers can also go for freelancing.

Website Designer: Presentation is a must! You need to pitch your customers/users to lead the path. The best way—in the present times—is to be persuasive through art. Use graphic designs, illustrations and yes, your website to create a positive yet everlasting effect. Web designers are the ones with the creative instinct. They can visualize, idiate and transform the face of any entity thus they are quite sought after by the industry.

Database Designer: ‘Database Designer’ implies what the job is about. The database designers have to design database storage systems, analyze & consolidate data, create data models, etc. This is one of the top job profiles under Computer Science Engineering.

Mobile App Development (Android/ IOS): With new mobile features lining up, innovative & useful applications are in demand. So, this aspect increases the desire for mobile app development. Becoming an app developer is a win-win situation today!

Software Tester: Quality matters and so do software testers. A software tester is one who is responsible for ensuring the quality of software. Software tester performs manual and automated tests on software. Since quality cannot be compromised, the duties of software testers become quite responsibility driven.

Professor/teacher: The biggest of all jobs—teaching is one of the noble professions to go in for. You cannot expect to become a better person without a teacher’s help. It is undoubtedly, one of the better options after any degree. If you plan on becoming a teacher after CSE, you need to qualify GATE or UGC exam(s).

Prospects of Further Studies after B.Tech in CSE:
After B.Tech in CSE, the candidates have two options: MBA or M.Tech. MBA in IT will act as an aide for reaching to the top managerial posts whereas M.Tech will be oriented to technical positions only. However, debating which one is better will prove futile as both weigh the same.

Benefits of MBA in IT after CSE:

  • Get to work in top managerial posts
  • Enhanced managerial skills
  • High salary packages
  • Widened job scope
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Benefits of pursuing M.Tech after CSE:
  • Increase in the technical specialization
  • Closer to teaching and research
  • High salary packages
  • More chances to discover innovative ways

In Conclusion:
Computer Science Engineering opens multiple gateways: You can do a job or you can go for higher studies. Having innumerable career options, the B.Tech degree in CSE proves to be one of the best options after intermediate. Even if one plans to postpone working, one can surely add more knowledge to his/her portfolio. MBA in IT and M.Tech (CSE) stand equally
strong as both proffer a brighter future with exorbitant pay packages. You can reach the top in just two steps: search for one of the Best Computer Science Colleges and then get yourself enrolled! To sum it all up, it is more than safe to say that this is a degree worth pursuing.