Careers Choices for Electronics and Communication Engineers

Careers Choices for Electronics and Communication Engineers

November 9, 2020

The whole world is working efficiently and at a much faster pace with the help of Electronics and Communication Engineering and its inventions. One cannot imagine a world bereft of electronic devices as, all the sectors and industries, and even the domestic needs won’t be able to function smoothly. Electronics and Communication Engineering does not only come up as a growing industry but also as a promising field of academia.

Today, there are multiple career options for electronics and communication engineers. Electronic gadgets have become the mainstay of technology and with this realization; the field has become the most preferred career choice for candidates today.

To help you understand better, we have listed the best options for you:

Top opportunities for Electronics and Communication Engineers:

Although there is a myriad of opportunities for the graduates from the Top Engineering Colleges in India, one should aim for the best. And when it comes to a career in ECE, the best includes the following options:

Design Engineer: Design Engineers, as the name implies, play a crucial role in the manufacturing of products. The onus of conducting research and designing new products for a company is on them.

This position is present in other streams of engineering as well, the only difference being the area of expertise. When it comes to ECE, design engineers have to come up with innovative design ideas for electronic devices and gadgets.

System Analyst: The best way to improve performance is to understand the problem by going into an in-depth study of the same. For a company, becoming more efficient is one of the major goals and to meet this, they carry out a continuous analysis.

The job of a system analyst falls under this department. System analysts have to analyze the software, hardware, and the whole IT system to cater to the requirements of the internal staff as well as external clients as per the standards of the company.

Electrical Engineer: Those who work in this designation need to know various principles of electronics engineering. They have a versatile job where they can choose any career path. The same thing goes for mechanical engineering; there are various career paths for Mechanical engineers as well. When it comes to electrical engineers, they should have adequate knowledge about:

Designing electrical products and systems Knowing and establishing the manufacturing process Analyzing and evaluating the systems’ reliability and performance.

Control and Instrumentation Engineer: Technology has become so advanced that apart from personnel, electronic devices have come to play to analyze different functions being carried out in a company.

Various methods are used to monitor and control engineering systems. Now, the major responsibilities of control and instrumentation engineer include designing, testing, analyzing, and improving these systems.

Desktop Support Engineer: In almost every company, there is a need for a professional who has the capability of resolving issues related to computer systems, and here comes the role of a desktop support engineer. The desktop support engineers fix server and security issues along with ensuring the proper working of computer software, hardware, and overall systems.

Conclusion: Electronics and Communication Engineering is among the most coveted engineering streams in the current times. Numerous companies source Electronics and Communication engineers, given they have the quintessential traits. Companies like Wipro, Dell, Samsung, BSNL, HP, Infosys, and many more are the top recruiters of ECE graduates.

So, if you are in the right college, you will experience a sea full of opportunities getting unveiled shortly after completing your degree. Since CGC Landran gives special attention to placements, it can become the right college for you, too. You just have to put in a little effort and apply online right now and kick start your professional journey.