Career Prospects and Scope of Biotechnology in 2020

Career Prospects and Scope of Biotechnology in 2020

May 14, 2020

Biotechnology has been the breeding ground for so many path-breaking inventions. From agriculture to healthcare, this domain has provided assistance to numerous sectors. The potential that this sphere holds has enabled in upsurging various Biotechnology Colleges in India. At this point, the Biotechnology industry is serving as a boon to various economic and social segments. So, incorporating it into the academic curricula of an Institute is quite beneficial.

As far as career scope and opportunities are concerned, this domain has a lot to offer. Now, the present scenario also expects a lot to come in from this stream education. The cure of the coronavirus, its vaccine, and all has to be put forth by industries under Life sciences.

In wake of the given circumstances, Deloitte has presented a report claiming that by 2022 the Biotech App market will be USD 8.9 bn strong with 2.9% average annual growth. The expansion means more job opportunities and more job opportunities mean great scope.

So, seeing the Biotechnology industry’s potential, various colleges have included Biotechnology courses. The most common and lucrative degrees pertinent to this field include:

  • B.Sc. Biotechnology (Undergraduate)
  • B.Sc. Microbiology (Undergraduate)
  • M.Sc. Biotechnology (Postgraduate)

Some of the major areas of work where students can get job include:

  • Research and Development
  • Quality Assurance/Regulatory Affairs
  • Manufacturing
  • Clinical Research
  • Sales and Technical Support
  • Waste Management
  • Food Processing
  • Drug and Pharmaceutical
  • Chemicals
  • Energy
  • BioProcessing
  • DBT Department of Government Institutions and Organizations
  • Agriculture Institutes

After completing your Biotech degree, you can get jobs across different spheres and some of the most remunerative job opportunities include:

1. Microbiologist: As the name suggests, Microbiologists study microbes including Bacteria, viruses, algae, fungi, etc. They work in laboratories to examine, conduct research and deduce results about different organisms. They can get jobs in MNCs, Pharma companies, Biotech companies, Clinical laboratories, etc.

2. Process Development Scientist: At this position, the individuals having investigative and analytical skills do the best. They are responsible for monitoring the existing processes and products for quality and efficiency. This is a high paying job which can help candidates land in the best companies around the world.

3. Biomanufacturing specialists: Those working in this position have to be on their toes with complete knowledge of the manufacturing sector. They must have complete knowledge of the latest equipment, processes, systems including troubleshooting, and root cause analysis.

4. Biotech Product Analyst: In every industry, there are openings for product analysts who act as a mediator between the external public and the internal staff. Biotech product analysts have the responsibility of examining the market, communicating with the public, and finding out their requirements. They are also responsible for the growth of the company, making strategies, and execution of plans.

5. Research Scientist: The name implies pretty much what the job is all about. So, a research scientist is the one who conducts research and experiments on specific research areas. They are responsible for recording and analyzing data, writing research papers, reviews, and reports along with being responsible for ensuring that the work is being done within the specified quality norms.

6. Biochemist: Biochemists research the chemical properties of different living organisms including cells, plants, animals, and microbes. Biochemists work in close alliance with biophysicists and they conduct different studies on genetics, organism growth, diseases, and different vaccines.

7. Biomedical Engineer: Biomedical engineers design systems & products of artificial internal organs, devices that are used to replace body parts, machines, etc. They are the ones who provide technical support for biomedical equipment. This is one of the most remunerative jobs after a Biotech degree provided you have completed your degree from one of the Best Biotechnology Colleges in India.

8. Biological/Clinical Technician: Under this job profile, the candidates have the responsibility of providing technical support to the researchers. Biological technicians assemble, maintain, and operate the lab equipment.

9. Biostatistician: Biostatistician undertakes the responsibility of addressing healthcare issues. They are expected to design, analyze, and implement statistical studies. There are openings for Biostatistician in the Corporate as well as Government sectors.

10. Entrepreneur: Candidates with the will to lead can also start their own companies. They can become entrepreneurs and try their luck in the biotech industry. Biotechnology is a thriving and booming industry thus coming with one’s own venture can really be a great opportunity.

These are some of the options that one can pursue after completing a B.Sc. degree. Apart from this, the candidates can also go for higher studies. They can even start working in the field of academic research and also appear for government exams and get jobs as a Food Inspector, civil services, banking, etc.

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