Career Prospects and opportunities available in India for B.Sc. Biotechnology students

Career Prospects and opportunities available in India for B.Sc. Biotechnology students

July 12, 2019

“Biotechnology” implies to a canny amalgamation of not mere words but disciplines. Biology, Engineering, Chemistry, and Designing are some of the flagship domains which have been constituted together to form this sphere. Since it touches various facets, the scope of this discipline is wide. India–a place which has always encouraged researchers and harbored gilt-edge technological advancements–has another dream for a better tomorrow. The country aims to become a global Biotech hub by 2020. It is the right time for all those aspiring to be a part of this evergrowing industry. All the success stories associated with this field have increased the number of biotechnology colleges in India and the interest in this domain is visible.

India and Biotechnology form a very old association. In the 1960s when the world was undergoing drastic changes, Indians employed biotechnology to bring about a big transformation-the Green revolution. All happened because there was a need for food and insufficiency and as they say, “Necessity is the mother of innovation.” It was a success, a milestone. In fact, it was a groundbreaking phenomenon. After that instance, the Biotechnology industry in India and its fate changed altogether. Realizing it’s worth, Department of Biotechnology was established in 1986 under the Ministry of Science & Technology and completely changed the face of it. With about ten major Biotechnology bodies under this sector, the scope has expanded manifolds. Hence, it became clear why to opt for Biotechnology Industry. Thus the reason today a large number of candidates wish to go for this industry.

Top ten career opportunities

With still so many queries in mind and big needs, the industry is in full throttle to provide the desired results/solutions/answers. This need has given birth to more jobs in recent times. In about thirty-five years, hundreds of colleges have entered this domain of education. These colleges take strides in providing trained personnel. They provide all the quintessential information related to this industry and practices. Making the candidates fit for the job is their immediate goal and the next one is to help them build a successful career. Career choices are affected by our studies. There are numerous jobs appended to this field but some are a little more sought after. So, here we share a list of top ten career opportunities in the field of Biotechnology which are:

1.Clinical Research: Research labs, hospitals, and clinical lab organizations are always in the need of researchers. Since research incorporates a great deal of talent, understanding, and responsibility, employing a suitable candidate becomes the top priority. All those candidates who have done their degree from a college of repute become their prospects. To make a successful career out of clinical research, one must have knowledge of toxicity, drug molecule invention, bioinformatics, etc. Now, there are hundreds of laboratories in India which means that there are lots of jobs available under this profile.

2.Industry Researcher: India is in a race of becoming a biotech hub and that race has initiated the establishment of diverse biotech industries. An industry researcher is associated with a particular company. Under this head, the candidates have the responsibility of conducting research about every new project the company has undertaken or is about to undertake. This profile is exclusively beneficial for all those who wish to continue their scientific research. This being an important job profile, demands the candidates to have a Ph.D. and some additional experience in the research area. Since those under this profile experience lot of work pressure thus the salaries are also quite handsome.

3.Principal investigator: A principal investigator is more of a supervisor. He/she manages, evaluates, directs and checks on the research work. Basically, the primary task under this head is to manage and integrate research work altogether. From grants to the maintenance of collaborative relationships, everything is overlooked by the principal investigator.

4.Crime Lab Technician: In forensic labs or in crime labs there are many responsibilities such as analyzing the samples of DNA, Blood, organs, etc. There are some genomic researches involved which require people from Biotechnology. Consequently, being a crime lab technician is quite a recompensing option. To be so, the candidates must possess an inquisitive nature flair for criminal investigations. More or less, largely the jobs in this sector are in government establishments thus the salaries are quite reasonable.

5.Quality Control Inspectors: Quality is the last thing which can be compromised in any sector. And when we are talking about something as important as Biotechnology, quality becomes the first priority. Under this job profile, the candidates have the responsibility of maintaining, checking and assuring quality throughout the processes.

6.Environmental Engineers: As the name implies, Environment engineers combine the skills and knowledge of ecology, biology, chemistry, physics, etc, to put effective measure forth and curb pollution around the world. Many NGOs and international organizations have distinct positions which only deal with finding out these results. Also, there are many companies which realize their social responsibility and want to contribute something to society. Being an environmental engineer in the present world is quite remunerative and so it becomes one of the sought after career options.

7.Bioinformatician: The study of population, biology, genetics, pharmacy, etc, is done by Bioinformaticians. They put different disciplines in use to come out with solutions to biological problems. India has a separate body which deals with solving biological problems and therefore, Bioinformaticians are much desired in the county’s work stature.

8.Biomedical Engineers: Applying different aspects of diverse disciplines, biomedical engineer endeavor to come up with new and innovative medicinal and healthcare facilities for the masses. It is another important and recompensing job profile under biotechnology.

9. Validation Engineer: “Engineer” gives a feel as if it were about those who graduated from the Engineering Colleges but it is all about Biotechnology. These are the professionals who evaluate and calibrate the tools, equipment, and procedures used in the production of various products/services. Validation Engineer needs to be aware of industry standards and regulatory guidelines. Validation engineer is also supposed to oversee the work of technicians.

10.Professor: Teaching, a profession which nurtures hundreds and thousands of students to turn them into responsible career-ready professionals, can be another option to go for. Biotechnology is a discipline which needs in-depth and absolute understanding. Those who have it can try their luck in teaching. So, the candidates can take up a career as a professor in colleges/universities.

For those who know how to put their heart and soul to work, this discipline can act as a goldmine. With numbers of career opportunities embedded in this industry, it comes up as one growing field. India is all set to become a Biotech forerunner in the world and all it needs is young talent. If you have the zest to stand out, choose one of the best biotechnology colleges in India and enter this booming industry. So, this could be a life turning decision for a great career ahead.