Career Opportunities and Jobs after Hotel Management Course

Career Opportunities and Jobs after Hotel Management Course

April 18, 2019

Worldwide integration has enriched and upgraded innumerable industries and the hospitality industry falls among the same category. The banner of the hospitality industry consists of Travel & Tourism, Hotel Management, Event management, and many similar verticals. Out of all the mentioned disciplines, Hotel management shines a little brighter. Most of the other industries got affected by the economic ups & downs, but the hospitality industry still managed to stride through.

As far as India is concerned, the concept of Hotels is as old as British Raj. Initially, there were only 2, 3 notable hotels in the country but now the number has increased dramatically. According to STR Global, there are about 187,000 hotels across the globe and by all means, the number is growing and so are the demands for qualified personnel. In scenarios like this, pursuing a degree in Hotel Management becomes quite rewarding.

The job opportunities in this sphere are vast and divergent. By pursuing the course from any of the best hotel management colleges in India, one can ascertain successful future. Some of the most coveted Hotel Management job opportunities include:

1.Hotel Operations Manager:

Operations, as the word suggests, means day-to-day working and functioning of the hotel. Hotel Operations Manager is the one who steers all the activities congruent with different departments of the hotels. Under the head of operations manager, candidates can work as Managers or Supervisors. Consequently, the candidates can work in departments of food & beverages, housekeeping, guest relations, Security, Health management, Human resources, etc.

2.Chef/Sous Chef:

In general, the Chef is the head of the kitchen. In the professional language, the head chef is known as Executive Chef and he is in charge of the kitchen. After a Hotel Management degree, the candidates are free to pick one from the gamut of job opportunities.
There is another term, Sous Chef. This rank generally means the second chef and has the responsibility of designing the menu, cooking different cuisines, and supervising the subordinates. So whenever the Executive Chef is not present, the whole kitchen has to be looked upon by Sous Chef.

3.Event Planner/co-coordinator:

Yes, Hotel Management has something more to it. Gone are the days when hotel management was only seen as a route to become a chef. Nowadays, the industry is packed with innumerable job scopes. National or international, the course provides you the right path, choosing which you can tap into different facets of the domain. So, after you complete your degree, you can work with any event management team/firm.

4.Catering Manager:

One of the opportunity lies in the catering section of the hospitality industry. During the course of the degree as well, the students are taught the basics of different functions in the hotel management and catering is one of them. The provision of practical and theoretical knowledge, the course elucidates the whole process. So, the candidates can work as catering managers in Hotels, Clubs, Airlines, Resorts, Restaurants, and Motels, etc.

5. Chief Sommelier:

Sommelier is a person who takes care of the wine supply. Basically, he chooses the wine for the restaurant and designs the menu for wine. Being a specialist, the chief sommelier also pairs wine with the food. Some of the very finest restaurants desire sommeliers and you can become one, too.

6.Tour Guide

Some of the leading hotels around the world have adopted this trend of providing in house tour guides. The job responsibilities of these tour guides include dropping and picking the tourists to and from the destinations; explaining the cultural significance of the places, provide an overview of the historical references and so on.


A Steward is a person employed to look after the passengers on a ship, aircraft, or train. The areas of employment include restaurants, Hotels, Cruises, clubs, Banquets,Railways, Resorts, etc.

8.Finance and Accounting:

Money is the blood of every business structure. If it weren’t for finance, nobody would have been able to function aptly. In hotels and hospitality industry also, finance has a great role to play. Competent and proficient personnel are sought after for this role. In the course of Hotel Management Course, the candidates are given the overview of different areas of hotel accounting. By specializing in accounting, students can become part of the finance team.

9.Government Job Opportunities:

The hotel management graduates also get a chance to be part of the hospitality section in some of the most esteemed government sectors such as Navy, Air Force, and Army. The discipline of hotel management helps the students to imbibe all the desired etiquettes and traits for these jobs.


Establishing a business of your own is always a challenging yet repaying decision. Once you have decided to go for it, you need to put in a lot of effort in every assignment you undertake. All being said and done, one thing which you are going to love the most would be, being your own boss. The candidates who have leadership skills can open their own hotels, restaurants, confectionary shops, bakeries, Banquets, Resorts, etc. Isn’t that an amazing option?

A whole new world of opportunities has been appended to the Hotel Management course, considering which, you should go for it. The ten job opportunities mentioned above are just a precursor to unlimited options of success; there is much more to this domain and can only be unveiled by thoroughly studying it. Hotel Management is a vast discipline in itself as it incorporates many different programs.

One thing which is intertwined with success in the said field is the selection of educational institute. To give a rough estimate, there are more than three hundred hotel management colleges pan India. Certainly, you cannot go through all the details of each and every college, but one thing which you can do for sure is that you can check the rankings and awards of the institute. For example, recently, CGC Landran was ranked as number one Hotel Management College in the state of Punjab and it has also been ranked number eight on the list of super excellency by Global Human Resource Development Centre Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, and these laurels make it a superior institute.

Hotel Management is a promising field and one should go for it. In an era where everybody is blindly following the masses and opting for mainstream courses, be someone who explores and thinks career options beyond the routine ones!