Career Opportunities After B.Ed. Course

Career Opportunities After B.Ed. Course

August 26, 2019

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” These precious words by Martin Luther King, Jr. hold truth to date, for education is the sole element that can transfigure personalities. Without education, there are just dark ages; the ones we had before. During those times, the people across the globe had no intellectual development whatsoever. With the changing times, the need for getting enlightened started rising and new schools started coming to the light. Initially, there weren’t enough teachers. There were teachers—that is for sure—but they did not meet the exact demand. As the population grew manifolds, there emerged a need for more teachers to feed the young inquisitive minds. Consequently, to transform the intellects into better teachers, B.Ed. was introduced.

B.Ed. Course or as we know it, Bachelor of Education is a two-year degree that assists all aspirants who aspire to transform themselves into teachers. It is a perfect consortium of theory and practice which kindles a flair for teaching—all the concepts of a subject—to the students. Times have changed and with this change came a large number of schools. Although, there are many other programs or courses which also claim to polish the teaching skills they are not meant for school teachers in particular.

To meet the demands of teachers across the country, some new courses or skill development programs were required. What happened next? Well: we got more courses aiming at bringing out the talent within. And out of all these courses, B.Ed. is the only one to reach the acme in this domain and stay at it ever since. Perhaps, it is the primary reason behind it being accepted as a teaching degree trans-country. Holding such eminence helps it become the choice of many. It is not only the good will of the degree but also the scope which it embraces. After this degree, the candidates can look at a lot of career options, a few of them listed below::

1. Teacher: Teaching is one of the noble professions and teachers work as a sculptor to carve out a perfect and learned human being. Yes, you can become a teacher once you complete the degree. There are private as well as public schools along with a requirement of teachers in coaching institutes and tuition centers. So, this leads to a higher demand for teachers across.

2. Counselors: Modern world, plenty of choices, confusion, and problems. That is why we need to have numerous ways of handling them. When choosing a career path or some sort, of course, we seldom have any support from the experts. To ensure that the right kind of guidance and understanding is provided in a professional manner, the concept of counseling got introduced to the world.

3. Educational Researcher: Educational Researchers work in universities and colleges and their areas of expertise include preparing research projects and development of research programs. One has the liberty to work in this area as per their subject. With B.Ed. and a little experience in research, one can become an educational researcher.

4. Educational Administrator: All the hiring of the new teachers and educational staff is administered by a teacher only and that is someone we refer to as an Education administrator. In schools, we do not have the HR department so all the staffing is done by one of the teachers. Educational Administrators also have the opportunity to take on the responsibility as a Dean in a College or University.

5. Government Jobs: B.Ed. instills a flair for teaching in you but it won’t be wrong to say that it also helps you in becoming more evolved. You also have the option of appearing in any of the government exams. There are some state as well as center level exams which are only meant for teachers. TET (Teacher Eligibility Test), CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test), NET (National Eligibility Test), SLET (State Level Eligibility Test or State Eligibility Test.), TGT (Trained Graduate Teacher), PGT (Post Graduate Teacher) are examples of the government exams which the B.Ed. graduates are eligible for.

In summary: Bachelor of Education is the basic requirement for anyone looking at teaching as a profession. The wide and vivid job opportunities this degree provides are the reason why you should choose this course. Find the Best B.Ed. College in India and witness the opening of new avenues. Always remember, teaching is a virtuous profession and if you are determined to make it a career, you are on the right track.