360 Degree Training

Training and Placement Program(TPP)

Objective of the Program:CGC has streamlined the process of Training and Placement. Team CGC has involved some of the senior academicians and industry experts to brainstorm and discuss the required skill sets that a student needs to possess so as to get placed in the best companies. The Training & Placement Program works on the primary objective of making the students Industry-ready. It ensures that each student under this program gets quality Placements.


In view of the diverse cultural background of the students coming from various parts of the country, CGC runs a comprehensive 360 degree Pre-Placement Training Program aimed at overall personality development in order to make the students industry ready. The programme covers various training needs of the students including Technical Skills, Aptitude, Communication Skills. Renowned industry experts regularly drop in for interaction with the students on various topics.
Key points of TPP:

  • Opportunity to attend various placement drives held at CGC.
  • Pre assessment and Post assessment of the students: before, during and after the training sessions.
  • Assignments/Home work is given regularly to the students for practice.
  • Fortnightly Test sessions to continuously evaluate the student performance.
  • Study material with question and answer keys is provided to the students.
  • The 360 degree Training program hones the skills in various facets of training aimed at overall Personality development.
  • The training sessions are conducted by Expert Trainers and faculty members.
  • The students are made to practice the test papers as per the requirement of Companies visiting CGC for the placement drives.

Students who undergo advanced technical training are typically more valuable to their company than those who do not. The knowledge and skills gained through this training give the students an upper edge when it comes to showcasing research and innovation-based activities.


The AMCAT is a computer adaptive test that measures students on critical areas like communication skills, logical reasoning, quantitative and job and domain-specific skills thus helping students to identify employment suitability. It is India’s largest employability test and is taken by more than 30,000 students every month. Being India’s only adaptive employability test, it is used as a benchmark for hiring by several companies across India.
AMCAT is fast emerging as an industry benchmark with 700+ companies using it as a compulsory testing mechanism for entry-level roles. Leading industry names like Accenture, Snapdeal, Axis Bank, Tata Motors, Cognizant, Microsoft, Wipro and many more have made AMCAT test a benchmark to test the basic aptitude of students.
Post the test, AMCAT also helps students match their skills with suitable jobs based on their performance on the test. Apart from different industries, leading job providers like LinkedIn and Monster.com accept the AMCAT test as an employability certification.